Review Requests

🚨 Please note – I am currently closed to new review requests while I catch up. If you are an author or publisher I’ve worked with before, please feel free to send an e-mail –

A Note About Reviews:

All reviews are written for prospective readers and will be honest. In a short time, I’ve developed a real passion for promoting within the horror community, and this is one of my platforms for doing just that.

As of March 2020, I’m no longer assigning star ratings here or on Goodreads. I will still be posting reviews of course, but allowing the reader to make up their own mind rather than following a star system.

Submitting a book for review does not guarantee a positive review, and I will not promote negative reviews.

Where I post reviews:

I post reviews written for my blog on Goodreads and Amazon, and share them via twitter(@whathappensnex5). I am also a contributor for Dead Head Reviews. If you are interested in having the review posted there or anywhere else, please include that information.

Genres I accept:

I will read just about anything that falls under the umbrella of Horror and/or dark fiction.

I do not accept mid-series books, or horror that leans too far into romance/erotica.

Acceptable Formats:

My reading preference is paperback, and as such I will likely get to paperbacks faster than e-books.

If paperback is unavailable or cost prohibitive, I am happy to accept .mobi files.

I do not accept audiobooks at this time.

Timeline for reviews:

When submitting for review, please keep in mind that I am one person doing this in addition to two jobs, kids, and life. I’ve been able to read/review most books within 2-3 months, but I can’t make any promises.

Anything submitted to me will eventually be reviewed, but at any given time I have a backlog. Again, I tend to give priority to physical copies.

If you need it reviewed by a certain date (I.e. ARC’s), please include that information and allow at least 6 weeks.

What next?

If you read through all that and still have any interest, please submit all queries to

and include:

  • Subject line: “Review Request – book title”
  • A brief synopsis
  • Available formats
  • Information regarding timeline if applicable
  • Anything else you think I may need to know